Other Services

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Gift Cards

Sometimes the best things come in small packages. Great as a present or a convenient way to spend while traveling, the Visa Gift Card is accepted worldwide anywhere that accepts Visa. Gift cards can be purchased in amounts from $10 up to $2,000.

Money Orders

Money orders are similar to checks and are usually used to pay bills or make purchases when cash or personal checks aren’t accepted. We offer them in amounts up to $1,000 for a minimal fee.

Bank Checks

Use a bank check when the person or business you’re paying will not accept a personal check. These are more readily accepted than personal checks. A minimal fee is charged for each check.

Notary Public Service

Need an official witness to accompany a legal document. We offer our notary public services for free to all our customers.

Telephone Banking

Wherever you are, you can access your account information by calling 855-367-5375 (855-FOR-LFSL). Find out if a check has cleared or if a deposit has been made. This service is a great way to help you balance your checkbook or to transfer funds between Ladysmith Federal accounts.

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