Business Checking Account

The Only Deposit Account You Need

Every business needs a checking account, whether you have an Accounts Payable department or a single person wearing that hat, along with several others. Ladysmith Federal has created a business checking account that masters the basics and adds only the bells and whistles you need:

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Is Your Checkbook Looking Thin?


ATM/Debit Card

Combine the power of a check with the convenience of a credit card, and you get the Ladysmith Federal debit card.

Use your debit card anywhere you see the Visa logo. Purchases are deducted directly from your business checking account, just like writing a check. It also works at ATMs, allowing you access to your accounts at ATMs worldwide.

UChoose Rewards

Most rewards programs limit your options on where to shop and what to buy, and it takes forever for your points to add up. We’ve decided to change all that.

With UChoose Rewards, you have access to hundreds of retailers where you can earn big rewards, and there are millions of choices for redeeming the points that accumulate every time you use your Ladysmith Federal debit card.

How it works:
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