Ladysmith Federal’s Mobile Banking

Ladysmith Federal’s mobile banking is here!

Ladysmith Federal’s mobile banking is so easy. You just need to be enrolled in our online banking program to use it.

There are 3 easy ways to access Mobile banking:AndroidDeviceswScreens1

App: iPhone, Android, or Blackberry

Mobile Web: Windows Phone 8 or anyone with a web-enabled device

Text: All customers with text-enabled phones

Log on to your online account to sign up – it’s free!

If you have questions or problems signing up, please contact our office at 715-532-3389.

You will be sent to our secure online banking site at

Modern browser required:
  • Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer 11+
  • Chrome 30+
  • Firefox 27+
  • Android 5.0+
If you experience a connection error, try upgrading your browser.

Loan Pre-Qualification

Click here to process a loan pre-qualification submission.
How to sign up for online banking:

Call Ladysmith Federal at 1-888-532-5375
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