Our Staff & Board of Directors

Scott Von Haden, President/CEO

Scott Von Haden




MLO # 489536

Sara Baker, Vice President, Mortgage Lender




MLO # 489535

Joseph Zaffino, Senior Lender




MLO #1247639


Sarah Miller, Consumer Lender

Sara S 6





MLO #1444727


 Leanne Burch, Compliance Officer




 Becci Tucker, Universal Banker






Shannon Dernovsek, Loan Processor

Shannon D 2017

Kalvin Vacho, Loan Processor

Kalvin Vacho 2018


Evan Croft, Universal Banker

 Evan Croft 2018

Fawn Hryniewiecki, Universal Banker


Brenna Dugenske, Universal Banker

Brenna D 2018


Kat Tafel, Universal Banker

Kat T 2018

Gordon Dukerschein, Chairman of the Board of Directors


Dr. Stephen Reisner, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors


Dr. Jenafer Donohue, Board Director


Attorney Richard J. Summerfield, Board Director


Richard Steckel, Secretary/Treasurer of the Board of Directors

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